Irrational Fears

Things I'm irrationally afraid of:

1. I'm afraid to go to Starbucks. It's one of those skills that I am pretty sure everyone else has mastered, except for me, and if I started going now, I would just embarrass myself, not knowing what exactly is expected of a person, once she walks into the doors of a Starbucks.

2. I'm also afraid to use hair care products (besides shampoo) for the same reason. I suppose everyone else learned how this stuff works in middle school? Gel, mousse, spray... I've attempted a few times, and chickened out after one use. I'm afraid I'll look like a fool.

3. Answering the telephone.

4. Not answering the telephone.

Things a lot of other people are irrationally afraid of, but I'm not:

1. Round-a-bouts

2. Teenagers

3. My Bad-Ass Husband!!!

4. Bees

(#3 may not be true.)

1 comment:

  1. I always just order a small coffee at Starbucks. They correct me with their fancy-schmantzy word for "small", and then take my money. Sometimes I see a muffin or danish that I want so I ask for that too. I point and they tell me its name, or it has a little sign. Then they take my money.

    It's really just like McDonalds with a different menu. Just ask for coffee.