Mindless Plug for the Poll

Please fill out the poll off to the side, here. Pretend you are shopping for an attractive wall hanging, maybe some folk art for over the couch. Which domain name is best? These are all dirt cheap domain names that are available. My new book, How to Market and and Sell Your Art, Music, Photographs, and Handmade Crafts Online, recommends you get your own web sight, exclusively for what you are selling. At this point, I'm planning on selling art for your home. I also have an idea for a self help book for young teens... and lots of other ideas... theremins... lots of stuff. I'm having trouble sticking to one thing. I still have a job for a few months, though, so there is a bit of time to figure this stuff out.

Anyway, can you help me by filling out the survey? I will most likely purchase the domain name with the most votes, so choose carefully!

P.S. If you have any ideas of your own, leave them in the comments. If you would like to see if they are available, check godaddy.com.

P.P.S. "Site" not "sight"-- though we have lots of web sightings in the barn.


  1. Its a 'web site', not 'web sight'. Web sightings are bad.

  2. You have a reggae site? The things I don't know about you!

    I don't quite understand the whole "buy a domain name" thing. How is it bad to buy a domain name from GoDaddy vs. Wordpress? I don't want a blog so much as an online gallery.

    I guess what I really don't understand is, who actually owns the domain names? And whom did they buy them from?

    It's like buying land in America, but without the Native Americans.

  3. I have a couple of bead necklaces here...