How to build a greenhouse in ***three easy steps:

1. Get together your tools. The view finder will be crucial to this project.

2. Wear eye protection. If you're like me, you may not be able to see out of your eye protection goggles. This may cause you to cut off your finger. However, the eye protection goggles will keep your blood from splattering into your eye, so you can still call 9-1-1. You may never play the violin again, but at least you can still see! And really, which is more important: seeing out of your eyes, or playing bluegrass for your cats? Think about it. The choice is obvious.

3. Build the greenhouse, like this:

4. Post pictures of your greenhouse to facebook and press "like". You can like your own posts now on Facebook! One more friend for you: You.*

For a more detailed explanation of how to build a greenhouse, look back a few days for a great video, which is how I really built the greenhouse. I watched the video.

You can learn anything on the internet.

*Side note about Facebook: I noticed today that 8 people follow me on Facebook, and I don't know any of them. At all.

** Well, actually, I know who one lady is, but in her case, knowing who she is makes it worse.

*** By "3" I mean "4". I hope that isn't confusing for anyone.

**** 3 is the new 4. FYI.


  1. The second picture, with the top of your head? I thought it was something on fire!

  2. No heads were set aflame in the making of this greenhouse.