Obesity No More

Yes, we have discovered the cure for obesity, and it is... get ready... chickens!

The logic goes like this: From your grandmother back to the dawn of time, people have basically needed to eat everything edible that they could find. This is no longer true in some places, like Wisconsin. Even though we are mostly overweight, most of us clean our plates, because we have been taught not to waste food. If we leave food on our plates, we feel guilty. So. What to do?

Feed it to the chickens!

Everyone just needs to have some chickens around to eat all of their scraps. Then, you never have to feel like your are wasting food. The extra food goes to the chickens, who then convert it to eggs. It's all good. No one feels guilty for wasting food. Extra calories are not consumed. People are healthier and happier.

There is but one exception: if you are eating chicken for dinner, you'd better clean your plate yourself! Chicken is not fattening, though. Just bake it instead of deep frying it.

Oh, and eat some veggies. Avoid processed foods. Run around and dance and stuff. Go for a swim. Enjoy your body.

Any more questions?

(And, yes, I know it's more complicated than that. What can I say? I just love chickens.)


  1. I eat part of a chicken or turkey almost every day. Shhhh... the chickens don't know.