Home Brewing Before the Shrine to Andy Warhol's Patriotic Teeth

We got enough hops to make several batches of beer! So, today, I brewed some beer.
BAH started the yeast for us, and he did offer to come home and help with the heavy lifting, but we couldn't quite coordinate our schedules. I ended up using Little Z's little skateboard to move the six gallons of beer around (to her chagrin).
Brewing beer has a lot in common with canning and baking bread. It's like what men do instead of canning. (If you are a man who does canning, that's totally hot. Just like the way I brew beer is totally hot. Sort of. At least, the brew is boiling.) 
Bad-Assed Husband has been growing pretty heritage corn and setting it before the shrine to Andy Warhol's Patriotic Teeth.
Bodkay is watching.

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