Baseless Criticism of Olympic Sports (Summer Edition)

Badminton: That's with the little birdie, right? In the Olympics?

Beach Volleyball: The only reason they had to add the word "beach" to this was to see some pootay.

Diving: I know, I know. This is supposedly a legitimate sport. But is it? It's one of those things where you're judged by your form, etc, which is worthless. It's subjective. Also, any sport where you have to make the smallest splash possible just sucks. What if I want to make a big splash? Huh? Huh?

Equestrian: Isn't this judging the horses of other countries? Who cares? This is the modern age! If we're going to judge horses, why don't we judge each others' cars and trains?

Gymnastics: I know, I know. It's a legitimate sport, as well. It's also child abuse.

Modern Pent.: Shooting, fencing, swimming, riding, and running, all in one sport? Enough, Mr. Country Club! Get a job already!

Sync. Swimming: Oh. My. God. It's a Mel Brooks movie come to life in the Olympic pool!
Trampoline: Looks like lots of fun! Which means it really ought not be in the Olympics. One should suffer out there in Olympia, don't you think?


  1. Ah, but the sync swimming is so much fun to watch and make rude/snarky comments about. ;) It's right up there with the Miss America pageant talent portion for tv to make fun of in my eyes. ;)

    Mind you, I know not everyone is a snarky bitch with time to spare,like I am. ;)

  2. I sense a common theme here: scantily clad women!

    ... and I don't even know what snarky means.

  3. I loved the scantily clad men in the diving, though!

    How could you not know what snarky means? You're the king of snarky comments!

  4. I love the gymnastics comment. It is child abuse. Friggin' Carrie Strug sticks her landing on a badly sprained ankle, thereby rendering her temporarily unable to walk, and she's some sort of hero? Puh-lease. Quit starving your daughters and destroying their joints and delaying their menstrual periods, and then I'll talk to you about heroes.