Check out Natalie Dee Today

I so love Natalie Dee, America's Favorite Cracker.She has recently almost passed up XKCD as my favorite comic, which really is saying a lot. The best part about Natalie Dee, besides that she's great, is that she posts a new comic every day. I would say that Natalie Dee was my favorite comic, but then I went to XKCD, and it was about the Ghost Busters killing the Holy Spirit. So, you know, it goes without saying. But I do so love Natalie Dee.


  1. What's funny, to me, is that you so freely admit that you don't get it!

    It's a mosquito. It ruins everything.
    And it's smiling.

    That's it.

  2. I get the mosquito one, but I just looked at her page, and I don't get the rest of them.

    Don't worry. I don't get lots of things. Marcos adores the Velvet Underground, and I don't get that, either.