The Paper Moon Method

Husband, Baby and I went to the Olive Garden today for dinner. At the next table was another couple with a younger baby in a car seat. Zelma is a people watcher, so we looked over at them quite a few times. The baby was very quiet. The couple ate their meal. The next thing we knew, the mother and baby had disappeared. Then the waiter was talking with the baby's father, and the father was explaining that they didn't want to be "one of those people who sits there in a restaurant with a screaming baby..." although, interestingly, we hadn't heard the baby make a sound. The waiter went off to get boxes for their food, and then the guy was gone. Table empty. A bit later, the waiter brought the manager over to look at the table with the two boxes of food and no paying patrons.

Well, I guess that's one way to get a free meal!*

*I noticed that, serendipidously, my quote of the day is, "Fortune favours the bold."
-Virgil Or does that relate, really?

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