Things that make you go hm... why?

I heard on the news- the BBC News, the only one I usually listen to- that John Edwards had an affair. Hm... this actually made the international news. Hm... Why? All I could think of is that maybe the comics would run out of material if the press stopped keeping track of politicians' sex lives. Or, maybe, I don't know, habit? They've just been reporting on this crap for so long that they cannot stop? Who in the world is such a Puritanical tyrant that she wouldn't vote for someone if he cheated on his wife?

Once, when Brian and I were visiting my Grandpa Alvin, he had us watch this documentary about Kennedy in the White House. It was all about how he made his aides go round up "secretaries" (read: prostitutes and lose gals) and escort them back to the White House for his pleasure, and about how he had all of these physical problems which made him dependent on drugs, and his "Dr. Feelgood" would come and shoot him up with all sorts of feel good things a few times a day. Grandpa Al was shocked! He kept saying, "We didn't know any of this! Nothing!" I think he was also a little amused by it all.

But now, when you hear about yet another "sex scandal," it's just, like, boring.


  1. I would vote for him anyway. What the heck. He's a good guy. I don't think that this should disqualify him from the VP slot on the ticket. It really has nothing to do with his ability to lead or govern.

  2. I hope he gets the vice presidency.