Cheap vacation options

A certain relation to me - you can probably guess who, but I won't name names - has been sampling the homeless shelters. She just stays at a shelter now and then, to see what it is like. One has a ping pong room, she tells me, very nice. Another one has a lot of people just out of San Quentin, so you don't want to stay there.

She also has an active interest in various park benches around the Bay Area, primarily for daytime use.

She doesn't like the apartment where she lives. She would rather stay in this place that costs $900 a month, and you have a roommate, but at least there's no dust. She hates the dust in her apartment. ("The dust! The dust! I just can't take the dust here!") I suggested an air purifier from Sears. She seemed ready to act on this idea. ("I'm not good at shopping these days, because of my knees, but I can go to Sears.") I hope it works out for her.



  1. Maybe she should vacuum her own apartment.

  2. Hey, that's what I said! Or dust. Brilliant minds think alike.

  3. My prediction: She'll decide to return the air purifier, because the cord makes it hard to go to the bathroom when it's hanging around her neck like that.