I love Autumn

I love spooky trees...

old bridges...

us, of course...

and squashes from the garden.


  1. "Spooky trees", I love that description, it's so perfect and poetic. :)

  2. I like the barn in the spooky trees photo. Kinda makes the barn look spooky too.

    That's a really great photo of you guys too!

  3. Poor naked trees, feeling vulnerable and cold.
    Don't worry trees, somebody likes your spooky limbs.

    (The trees feel much better now.)

    I'm still trying to understand this squash business. I see a marrow - that's just a big courgette, right?

    Do you like to eat the flowers? Courgette flowers are wonderful.

  4. Actually, the smoother squash is spaghetti squash (it has yellow, stringy flesh and tastes good with spaghetti sauce) and the ones with the ridges are acorn squash, which are a delicious variety and good baked with a little butter and brown sugar. They all just popped up voluntarily this year, because I didn't pick them all last year, and then we had this freak flood this spring and all of those seeds from last year germinated and turned into these wonderful squash!

  5. P.S. I did eat the courgette (zucchini) flowers once. I saw it on Martha Stewart's show. It's really a treat.

  6. I ate tiny squash blossoms recently for the first time. I had dinner at my brother's new restaurant, Manresa, in California. I had the tasting menu. One of the many courses was morrell (which I love), squash blossoms, pea shoots (maybe). This was around the middle of the 12 or 13 course meal paired with wine, so I'm a little fuzzy on the details. But I remember I liked it!