Wilma the Whale

May favorite little person is going to get a home-made stuffed whale from Mommy for Christmas this year. I clipped the pattern from one of those 1960's women's magazines that I was reading in Pueblo. The pattern did not specify that the bow in the hair (hair? on a whale?) that the bow would be a Wisconsin Badger bow; that was my own, personal touch. Think she'll like it?


  1. Hope she doesn't read the blog and spoil the surprise!

    It's adorable, how could she not?

  2. I think she'll love it! Zelma sure has a lot of cute, homemade toys.

  3. It looks just like the one you had as a toddler (except for the bow). I wonder what ever happened to that?

  4. Meg, she did actually see the blog, but she can't read, so I don't think she knows!

    Gina, you've made most of her homemade toys, and yes, they're quite nice.

    Glory Von Hathor, I know I would love a retro plushie (hint, hint for giftgivers evertwhere)!

    And b0b, maybe someone made me one from the pattern in Better Homes and Gardens?