The Missing Pieces

When our light in the kitchen died a slow and unusual death, giving a little less light each day, we decided to replace it with this one. It took three tries to get it up right, and I can't say I recommend this activity for a long and happy marriage, but we did, in the end, install it, and I think it looks okay.

And yet, we have all of these little parts left. Why is that?

This happens to me all the time, whenever I install anything. I have little jars in the basement full of left over (or, perhaps, missing) pieces of things. I don't understand. Are these "just in case" parts, thrown in by a company worker "for good measure"? Or, is there something more sinister going on here, like, "I'll throw in some specifically useful looking parts that don't go with this item, just to make the consumer feel as though she has done something wrong and the light fixture will surely burn the house down someday, because of those little electrical looking things that never actually went into it."



  1. Impressive. I want very badly to replace my light fixtures but am too terrified I'll electrocute myself and burn down the 72 year old building.

    As for the loose pieces, I haven't a clue. I have a tool box full of 'em.

  2. Hey, you have a booby lamp, too!
    I always have leftover washers. Apparently I do not find them terribly important, so I skip them.

  3. I don't understand how you could have installed it without those parts. I'm surprised that it isn't throwing sparks and falling down whenever someone slams a door.

  4. I like that light. Is it fluorescent?

  5. We used everything we needed! Yes, it is fluorescent. I would recommend getting one. It's really bright and nice. We like it a lot, and it has not rattled or electrocuted anyone, I swear! It's perfectly safe. I think.