Just drive, already!

Most of you know that this is not a phrase I would normally utter. It takes a special circumstance. The circumstance is this: the auto makers' CEO's went to Washington to plead with congress to give them 25 billion dollars to keep their businesses afloat, but lawmakers are unimpressed, because all of these Mo'fo's hired private jets to get there!

So, the problem, as I see it, is two fold:

1. This is not a prudent use of finances.

2. Car manufacturers should drive cars.

I don't go to dentists on a liquid diet, I don't go to a bald hairdresser, and I don't think we should drive cars if the manufacturers won't drive them from Detroit to Washington! It's a nine hour drive, according to Maps.google.com, and you can stop for lunch in Pittsburgh! What could be better?

Okay, I've stopped for lunch in Pittsburgh before (on the way to London, no less) and I guess some things are better, but still. Take a minivan and carpool, why don't chya? Car manufacturers. Geese.


  1. I love how these BigWigs are trying to figure out how much bonus they're getting this year. Um, here's a thought, Slappy...how about NONE?

  2. I see your point. I have many discussions about the fact that psychologists don't have to have therapy, but psychotherapists do.

    Isn't it funny how size and distance are relative... In the UK you can from one end to the other in a maximum of sixteen hours. No one in the UK would expect a business person of any kind to go to a meeting even six hours away by car.

    God. My island is tiny.

    Would it have been okay if they'd taken the train?

  3. Going by train would be fine, but I don't know if there even is a train! It usually takes several days to get anywhere on Amtrack. They'd be better off taking the bus. I think they shouldn't bail them out, they should take all that money and create a rail system with it, one like you have in your country. (I know, it's not that popular there, but I road it and thought it was wonderful! I mean, it exists!)

    I was being a little tongue-in-cheek when I wrote this. Truthfully, it would have been fine if they had flown coach or even first class, but to charter a jet? It's so wasteful! They're asking for our money, and almost no one in America has ever even been on a jet chartered especially for them. It's absurd.

    It's funny that you think it is so far to drive from Detroit to D.C., but it actually struck me how small the East is. I'm originally from California, and it takes four or five hours longer than that to get from San Diego to Eureka! So, I'm guessing here that California is, geographically, bigger than your little island. It's all relative, I guess.