Teach Your Children Well

We were going for a little Sunday drive today, me and the family, you know. A car turned left in front of us, forcing Brian, who was driving, to nearly hit another car. It was very scary. I screamed,
And he swerved and no one hit anyone, luckily.
A minute later, in the back seat, Little Z. is yelling,
Which is comical and relieves the tension.

Skip to a few hours later, we're on the way home. Little Z. asks for a cracker, and I give her one, even though she doesn't say "please". After I give it to her, I remind her to say "Thank you," and she doesn't. I have a "great" idea,

"Hey! She was saying, 'stop' a lot after I screamed 'stop'! Maybe if I just yelled, 'thank you' at the top of my lungs whenever I wanted her to say it, she would start saying it!"

Which is how it happened that Brian and I were riding down the Beltline, screaming at the top of our lungs,


It didn't work. Little Z. just ate her cracker and watched the scenery go by. (She's used to us.) We're still doing it, though, so if you're out picnicking this summer, and you notice a few lunatics screaming some niceties at a very small child in the park, pay us no mind. We're just teaching good manners.


  1. *GIGGLES*
    wow. so impressed you kept it to "stop" my hubby was driving with us all in the car and some lunatic was on the wrong side of the road with headlights off at night (!) and my honey yells "oh shit" and the back seat chorus began...

  2. Did I ever tell you the story of the little girl in the Postman Pat car I saw at the shops who shouted 'Get out the road fuckpoo!' at an old lady crossing in front of the ride?

    If only she had parents who shouted please and thank you...