These Literalists Are Everywhere

I was at the playground with Little Z today again, and this little girl about her age- maybe 2.5 years - was carrying around a rag doll. She had been playing near us for some time, and just to be friendly, I asked,

"Does your dolly have a name?"

(This, to me, is a valid question, because Little Z does not name her dolls. She calls them all, "Baby" - except for Pink Monkey, who is, of course, a monkey.) The little girl looked up at me with no trace of a positive emotion and said, in perfectly articulated English,

"Yes, my dolly has a name." She then sauntered off to the slide.


  1. mine don't name dolls either. it is very strange to me. I didn't care for dolls but all my stuffed animals had names.
    the pope on the condom almost made me wet my pants.
    they should sell those.

  2. What? People don't name their dolls and bears?

    I had two pigs called Camilla and Arabella, Laura the Rabbit, Pounce the Lion, Naw-nee the seal, Snoopy Dog. I also had one of those ugly newborn dolls that was one smear of yoghurt and jam away from realism. I forget her name but she had a birth certificate to fill in. (See, it's like writing a shopping list- you don't use your memory and you don't learn).