The Ex-Boyfriend Recipe

I read about this book in BUST, "The Ex-Boyfriend Cookbook". It sounds intriguing. The premise is that it is a recipe book made up entirely of recipes from the ex-boyfriends of these two girls who wrote it. Wow. They either dated a lot of chefs or, gosh, I don't know what, because I only remember ever having one ex-boyfriend who could really cook: Darren.

Darren and I were truly a doomed pair from the start. I don't think we ever even once agreed on whether or not we were really dating. Nevertheless, a relationship really did happen, and he really did cook at my apartment- which I think was my favorite part of the whole affair- and that's not being insulting. He was a really good cook. He was funny in that he could mess up the simplest things, like Kool-Aide (he forgot to add sugar) and yet your refrigerator could have twelve things in it, eight of them being condiments and two of them being beer, and he could still manage to make something delicious. Just thinking of Darren, to this day, still makes me- well, okay, a little bit angry- but also HUNGRY! Even after we broke up, for real (assuming we were ever dating), I still managed to crash a few of his Japanese dinner parties with Haruki. (Was he gay? Was he not gay? We shall possibly never know. But what straight guy thinks a good time is making sushi with another straight guy? Maybe there are a few out there...) Anyway, what I'm getting at is, tonight I made an old Darren recipe, and it still tastes good, after all these years. It is really super easy, really super quick, and also really super tasty.

One package Tempeh, cubed
A cup or so plain yogurt
One cucumber, diced
Either pita bread or Whole wheat tortillas- whatever you like to wrap stuff with

Spray a little pam in a skillet and fry the tempeh over high heat for about five minutes, flipping regularly. Put that in a big bowl. Add the yogurt and cucumber. Mix it up well. Put it in your pita, or wrap it like a burrito in a tortilla. Eat it! Yum!


  1. Flipping regularly? I had a girlfriend once who did that.

  2. Loved your Darren story. And that recipe sounds great! Even I could manage that...

  3. Raita tofu wraps. Might try that.

    I don't think I've ever had a boyfriend cook for me, ever. One once warmed up some soup.

  4. Girl cooking is part of courtship ritual. If boy cooks, courtship ends.

  5. But Dad, sometimes in a couple, it's the guy who cooks. Really.

    Jonathan cooks over at Jennifer and Jonathan's house. I've seen Tyler cooking over at Tyler and Joan's house. Brian used to cook when I worked at Sears. It's the twenty-first century, Dad!