When they were coming up with the name for Canada, the one guy was drawing the letters out of a hat, while the other guy was writing down the letters on a piece of paper. The guy with the hat drew a /c/, and said,

"C, eh?" and so it was written, "CA."

"N, eh?" and so it was written, "NA."

Well, you know the rest.

I guess my favorite part about Canada is the Frenchiness. That and the vast expanses of beautiful, nearly untouched beauty.

We were staying in a cabin in the town of Marathon, and "Return of the Jedi" was on television- with a catch. It was overdubbed into French.

We watched it for probably an hour just to hear what, "Use the force, Luke," sounded like in French. ("Utilisez la force, Luke.")

I've never been to Quebec. We still heard the French spoken all around Lake Superior on our "round the lake" tour. Apparently, quite a few people in Canada speak French, even outside of Quebec. I wonder if anyone ever says, "Bon Courage"?


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  2. French is very useful. I think it will be bien to learn french, although my ue is a a bit crap.

    Many African immigrants in London speak French as well as their regional dialect/s (and English!), so I hear it spoken a lot, on the bus, in shops. I feel like the only not-a-polyglot in South London sometimes.

  3. I guess what I really feel is that Canadians seem like us, only smarter, because almost everyone there is a polyglot.

    You just taught me the word "polyglot" by the way.

  4. Canadian French is the French I learned in middle school. When I got to high school my French teacher was an English woman who spoke a completely different French. I'm happy to say I've butchered both versions quite well.