Glasses Dark As These

I propose a new TV series based entirely on the songs of Johnny Cash. It might be a bit violent- should be late night. Each episode would follow the life of someone- the outline established in an old Johnny Cash song. The theme would be that of redemption, of course. It could be called, "Glasses Dark as These" from the quote, "It's so hard to see the rainbow through glasses dark as these."

Possible episodes (there are more, I'm sure):

One Day Too Late

No Picking Cotton

Oly Gets His

Tennessee Stud

One Man Who Tried (Climbing the Wall)

Mamma Waits Up

Johnny Take His Gun To Town


"My Name Is Sue. How Do you Do?"

I'm sure that one of you is secretly a television producer, right?


  1. Didn't Jackie Collins already write Tennessee Stud? If not, I vote she should.

  2. She could perhaps be the main writer on the series, besides me, of course.