Going Batty

We think there is a bat living in our bedroom wall. It wakes us up around four or five every morning. We hear it rustling around in there. It's disturbing.

We see it flying around outside the house in the evening, too.

We can't figure out where the bat comes in and out.

Little Z thinks that we should install a bat door for the bat. It's not the best idea, in my opinion, being that it would encourage the bat to live here, rather than discourage it. It's just interesting that Little Z has an idea that she can articulate, and that it actually somewhat makes sense (if you're a big animal lover like she is).

So. We have a bat in our wall.

Any other ideas?


  1. Congratulations! But, it may not be a bat. It may be a rodent.

    But if it is a microbat it may be a protected species.

    Bats are seasonal visitors and very cool.


  2. I see which camp you're in, Ms. von Hathor!
    Bat Door: 1
    Exterminator: 0

    We have seen the bat come out on several occasions, we just can't pinpoint the exact spot where it comes in and out, because it's so high up, and of course fairly dark at dusk. So, while we have rodents, we don't think this is a rodent.

  3. An exterminator can't get rid of it for the reason that Glory mentioned, most bats are protected species here. But animal control will take them out and release it. Last time I had to do that was in the nineties in New York and it cost me $25.

  4. It is almost Halloween and all. One more vote for the Bat Door.

  5. Capture it, and instead of releasing it put it into a tiny costume. I vote Dickensian Urchin!

  6. I vote Bat Door. It's much cooler to name it and anthropromorphize it, imagining all sorts of fun batty things that it's thinking. As long as it doesn't get in the house, I think it's okay. :)

  7. The bat is totally living inside the house, in our bedroom ceiling.

  8. Surely Professor Batty can advise you on this one.