The Strange Light In the Sky

There's this light in the sky directly north of us. It's sort of like a star. It stays in the same spot all the time and different colors swirl across it: green and red. BAH says it's Santa Claus.

I looked at it in the telescope tonight. (It's a beautiful night.) The lights swirl across it in the most psychedelic way. It looks very man-made, but it's too high in the sky to be a tower or anything attached to the ground. What is it?


  1. It's Capella. Here too.

    Or its an internet conspiracy to say it's Capella......

  2. It's totally a UFO. Prepare to be boarded.

  3. It's a dead relative from a Disney movie.

  4. No, no. Way too small and consistent to be an aurora!

    UFO dead relative from a disney movie Capella star something or other...