Dear Mexico. Marvelous Mexico! To narrow it down to one thing is near impossible. But I can. And I will.

It's an attitude. I love the attitude. (Maybe that should be the tee shirt, "Mexico. It's an attitude.") The attitude that maybe it's okay not to be all together perfect, as long as you're doing your best and you know how to relax a bit. A sort of "safety last" attitude. And yeah, the government down south doesn't do the best job, but the flip side of that is that people in Mexico seem to rely more on their own brains to figure things out. They don't act like cows and assume everything will be okay. Or maybe, you know, they do, and I'm just stereotyping, because stereotypes are fun!

Okay, forget it. Can't narrow it down to just one.

Things I love about Mexico:

1. The attitude.
2. The buses.
3. The food.
4. The food!
5. The food!
6. The food!!!!
7. The ways of expressing religious reverence.
8. The food!!!
9. The language.
10. The way people carry their children.
11. The food!!!
12. So much more.


  1. How do Mexicans carry their children differently than Americans do?

  2. They just carry them in their arms, mostly. There is a higher percentage of people who carry their children than in the U.S., where everyone seems to have a stroller or a babybjorn or whatever. There's sort of a competition sometimes here, it seems, with who has the most up-to-date baby carrying equipment, and ironically the snugglies are often modeled after the way of native Peruvians or some such nonsense. (We had the babybjorn ourselves, and strollers, of course, but we never purchased the $600 strollers or anything.) In Mexico you just see a lot of people carrying their kids. That's what we did when we were there, too. It was nice.

    I like seeing people just carrying their kids here, too. And holding hands. I find it touching.