When I was a kid, we used to watch "The Today Show" before I went to school in the morning. They had this weatherman who would congratulate people who were over 100 years old and celebrating a birthday. (Do they still do this?) One day, he was interviewing this lady who was turning 108 years old. She didn' t look a day over 80.

Weatherman: "What's your secret?"

Happy 108 Year Old Lady: "I drink two fingers of whiskey every morning before breakfast."

She said it like one might say, "I read the scripture every morning before breakfast, and the good Lord chooses to keep me alive another day." And she smiled sweetly.

But that's not what she said. She said,

"I drink two fingers of whiskey every morning before breakfast."

I still am not 100% on what "two fingers" of whiskey amounts to, but I think it's a lot to have before breakfast. Perhaps her pseudo-religious glow had something to do with what she had already imbibed?

I have this sort of cache in my mind of things that make no sense but make me happy, things to revisit and smile about now and then. This is one of those.


  1. Ah, Willard Scott! I think I even remember the whiskey lady! I'm no expert, but I think two fingers varies depending on the size of the glass because you would fill it to the height of two fingers held together.
    I think Al Roker does the birthday wishes now.

  2. It also varies according to the width of your fingers.