Daydream Believers not withstanding

"The location of the body is much less important than the location of the mind," according to this article. The more let your mind wander, the less you enjoy your life, so says John Tierney. He even quotes Ram Dass, ("Be Here Now") which I find really funny, because I've met him, Ram Dass, and he doesn't seem all that enlightened. I was covering him for the college paper in 1994. Hippies from all over were there, asking him all sorts of questions, and he was answering them all (regardless of the question) with answers like, "You know, just be. Just being is the point of being." He could say nothing and make it something. Forever. On and on. He really has a talent.

Santa Maria.

Which reminds me of a movie I saw, The Answer Man. It was about a guru who wrote a book, but he didn't do any personal appearances because he was a mean tempered fraud who cursed the mailman. This is what I suspected of Ram Dass, aka Richard Alpert, aka Baba Ram Dass... shoot, my mind wandered. What was I saying?

No, not really. He's not really a fraud. Ram Dass is really Ram Dass and he's really all about the here-and-nowedness of here-and-nowedness. I didn't like him, really, because I was very much in the here-and-now at the time. Or was I in the then-and-there? So I thought he was a bit of a fraud to sell it to people like that. And because he was talking about tripping on acid and I thought that was so lame, so ridiculous and annoying.

Now my mind wanders all the time. I don't know what to do about that. Perhaps I should not have dismissed Ram Dass so callously? Now I have no one to turn to- except for you, fellow minions. Except for you.

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