The further adventures of Lonely Limb of Plastic

Gazing at the moon...

"Would you like a ride?"

"If you've got room."

"My you're attractive!"


"Oh, such a leg!"


"That's my boyfriend! Hide!"

"He's mean!"

"Please don't hurt us!"

"No, Leg, no! He's too much for any toy."

"Ouch! He kicked me! Ouch!"

"But I showed that leg who's boss!"

"Oh my love no!"


"And he's down!"

"My love!"

"Here comes my horse!"

"I'll just hop on here."

"Hi ho Silver! Away!"

"Oh, yeah, baby, uh, you can come too."


"I'm so unhappy."

"Guess this is goodbye!"

This has been the latest edition of a continuing tale...


  1. Wow! That Limb sure gets around!!

  2. This is great! It totally cracked me up :)
    I've (cut&paste) the update to the continuing saga here:

  3. I don't know! Does someone want me to send him on down?

    I was thinking Glory von Hathor, but she hasn't been blogging lately, so I'm waiting to see if she's still around.