My contribution

I drive a VW Bug, so whenever I drive past kids of a certain age, they slug each other and say,

"Slug bug!" And then they argue over who saw the bug first. I think.

It doesn't happen too often, maybe once every couple of weeks. I just see some kid slug another in the arm and the other kid looks startled, and sometimes slugs back.

Today I was merging onto the four lane [that's what they call freeways out here in rural southern Wisconsin, "the four lane"] and there was a school bus. I merged behind it. It was a school bus chock full of teenage boys.

It was a domino effect. At first, just one boy saw the Bug and slugged another boy, across the aisle from him. Then that kid saw the Bug and slugged another kid in front of him. Then that kid in front of him saw the Bug and slugged the kid across from him. And then, very quickly there were all sorts of fists flying across the aisle. Fists in the air. Bodies in the aisle. Within a matter of seconds, everyone on the whole school bus was beating the living crap out of each other.

Hey, at least I can say, "I made a difference in some kid's life today."

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  1. That poor bus driver! She probably had no idea of what was going on.