I went to pick up Little Z at her preschool today, and I noticed a bulletin board with crapily drawn pictures entitled, "What we're thankful for". It was mostly pictures of people, "Brian is thankful for his mommy and daddy," said one. "Michael is thankful for his new little brother."

Then I found Little Z's. It was a roughly drawn rectangle with a spike sticking out of it. The teacher had written, "Z---- is thankful for Rhino head." Yep, that's my girl, I thought.

Tonight at dinner, I told BAH about "Z---- is thankful for Rhino head." Little Z chimed in,

"I is also thankful for chickens. Rhino heads and chickens."

This makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Viva la Rhino Head!


  1. This is my favorite little Z story, ever.

  2. I is thankful for Little Z and Mindless Minions and all the chickens and ...

  3. I am thankful that I put down my glass of water before reading this. Rock on, Little Z! Rhino heads is now going to be my go to thought when I start stressing out.

  4. I looked at that bulletin board again and noticed a kid who was thankful for underwater sunglasses. I hope she's friends with him.

  5. She's very young, but perhaps a chip off the ole block.