Bee Home

Last week, I had most of my time off of work, and BAH had to go to Miami. He was worried about the bees, though. They needed additions to their hives, or they were going to swarm. BAH was quite worried. Hesitantly, I offered my services as woodworker. Oh, my.

So, BAH cut some of the wood and showed me what to do. And then he left for a week.

I can barely cut a straight line, so while BAH had cut the outer shell of the bee hive boxes, I had to do the inner workings. Truly, my inner wood cuts look a bit like waves.

In the middle of the madness of figuring all of this out, a random woman came and stood in the garage. I didn't notice her and then I turned around and,


In the spirit of true salesmanship, she pretended like I wasn't having a heart attack and feigned interest in the bee hive design. It turned out she wanted to sell me a spot in the yellow pages. Good grief.

Crazy freaky lady, standing there silently watching me for I don't know how long...

Anyway, BAH had told me "If you have time, paint them blue."

So, I did. But I couldn't resist adding a few silly extra touches:

Watch out! There's a bee on the handle!


  1. Wow! Looks like Cape Cod gray. Flying, wee beasties a nice touch.

  2. I'm a bit colorblind. I thought it was blue! :)

  3. Yer right! I shoulda called it Cape Cod Blue.