Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet

The first birdhouse was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Bird within hours. Happily, I immediately built another birdhouse.

The back is all scrap wood, pieced together:

The main piece of wood for the front and back of both of them was a piece of particle board that my coworker was throwing away. It was fun to put it all together and make it work. No one is yet living in the second bird house, but the first one is like it's been there for years. Whenever I try and get a good picture of Mr. and Mrs. Bird of the Hexagon House, they hide. They're all like, "No pictures, please!" I would like to have your opinion on what sort of birds they are, but they aren't having it.

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  1. How'dya know they aren't just shackin' up? THAT'S why they don't want any pictures! :o)