Family Motto

I've been reading the whole Game of Thrones (also called Song of Ice and Fire) series by George R.R. Martin with BAH and SMILE (Sweet Mother In Law Extraordinaire). You might know that the main families in the series have their own family motto: The Lannisters always pay their debts.

(It sounds silly, until one of them says, "A Lannister always pays his debts" right before he kills you!) The Starks always say, "Winter is coming."

A little pessimistic, if you think about it. (By the way, if you do read these books, keep in mind that you shouldn't get too attached to any of the characters, because Martin really likes killing characters off in the most gruesome way possible.)

BAH was at work one day. Someone told him to email a coworker. The coworker in question was on vacation in San Francisco, so he wrote,

"Have you ever seen fog covering the Golden Gate Bridge? It's always sunny for me."

Then he decided that should be our family motto, "It's always sunny for us."

That was about three weeks ago. The grass is dying. The trees are withering. It's always sunny for us, and it hasn't rained in three weeks.

It's probably just a coincidence.

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