Terror of the Parenting Fail

I am taking a college course all this week from 8 to 4. BAH has been dropping Little Z off at preschool in the morning- not really our usual routine. But then, in the afternoon, I pick her up as usual. Except for today.

Today, I went to pick her up as usual, and her teacher met me at the door and said,

"You know she isn't here, right?"

and I thought, He just went to work this morning, and I just went to my class, and Little Z has been home alone all day, eating fig newtons and making concoctions!

My heart was jumping out of my chest as I learned the truth: Little Z was sick with a fever, and BAH had picked her up earlier and taken her home. Of course. Because he's responsible like that.

And I'm irresponsible. My cell phone was off, and I didn't even remember to check it after class for messages.

Little Z is now sleeping it off. I coaxed her into eating some ice cream before bed. That's what the nurse said to feed her, because she has a sore throat. See. I called the nurse line. Because, you know, I'm a responsible parent- right? Right?

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  1. Ice cream's also good for tonsillectomy I'm told. I know it doesn't count but I think you're a good mother! :o)