No Chicken Left Behind

This little chicken wanted to spend the night under a tomato plant, but I wouldn't let it because of the No Chicken Left Behind.

We just put the little chicks out to free range two days ago, and they are still getting lost a little- this one tonight, and last night there was one very far away from the barn, hiding in the bushes. I had a broom, BAH had a pink butterfly net (borrowed from Little Z), and Little Z ran around in circles a lot. We caught it. I realize this would have made a fantastic video, but alas, my cinematographer took the day off.

If you are wondering, Is that really a chicken in the picture? Yes, it is. It's a very small chicken with very big hair. Reminds me of some teenagers I know.


  1. Maybe you could put a bell on it...

  2. I'm afraid Teresa the Cat would eat her if she had a bell! I may put a bell on Teresa, though.

    The next night after I took this picture, I found this same chicken, inside and sitting on an egg. The egg was about half her size. Clearly, she had not laid the egg. I wondered why she was sitting on it. She looked really silly.