I didn't think I could write a tribute to Ray Bradbury. So, I didn't. But I loved him and I am sorry he was not immortal- though he seemed, somehow, like he possibly could be. Someone else wrote a fitting tribute. Read it! This guy, Neil Gaiman, is a great writer. I've never read a thing by him before, but I vow here and now to read everything he writes. I haven't yet finished all of Ray Bradbury.


  1. I loved Good Omens, which Gaiman wrote with Terry Pratchett. But yes, I'm also saddened by Ray Bradbury.

  2. Bradbury was a oner, no question. Attended a talk he gave many years ago now and was immensely impressed with his presence even 'tho I'd already been a devoted reader of his work.

    I recommend Terry Pratchett too. Czech him out! :o)