Feeling the Heat

The heat is climbing, climbing, climbing. This is our outdoor thermometer today:

What to do on a day like today? Go to an outdoor concert! The Charlie Brooks Band was playing nearby. We were quite content to go see them, having never heard of them before. Charlie Brooks appeared before a smallish crowd of die hard crazy people like us, clad in a long sleeved shirt, a thick vest and slacks.

"Why is he wearing so many clothes?" I asked BAH. "In this weather, he should just wear the vest."

"He looks good."

"Yeah, but he's going to get heat stroke."

Sure enough, Charlie Brooks sang for twenty minutes or so and then announced he was "taking a brief pause." A few minutes later, they were asking if there was a doctor in the crowd. Poor Mr. Brooks was collapsed behind the stage, in plain view. The ambulance came quickly. He gave a brief wave to the crowd as they wheeled him off on the stretcher- in- I could barely believe this- his undershirt. So, underneath the long sleeved shirt and the thick vest was an undershirt.

The show went on, however. The Charlie Brooks band, without Charlie Brooks, was great. They had a keyboard player who was out of this world. They just jammed.

I feel really badly for Charlie Brooks, however, because whatever is wrong with him, he now has an ambulance bill to deal with, and you know those freelance musicians don't have health insurance.

We expect more 100+ temperatures tomorrow. I have some work to do outdoors. I think I will learn a lesson from Mr. Brooks's bad. I'll be wearing a sports bra and shorts, and carrying my own shade in the form of an umbrella.

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