Public Service Announcement

Eat ice cream when it's hot outside! It will cool your inner body temperature.

My blood work came back and, to my disappointment, they did not discover that I am an alien. However, sometimes we can hide things like that. They also did not find anything wrong with me, but the doctor gave me these magic water pills which made me lose two pounds and a half in one day, all from my feet. I'm a new woman! A woman with ankles!

In other news, this is the saddest chicken in the world:

My friend Betsy called me in a panic from her vacation in Montana, saying that the lady watching her chickens went to check on them at 6:30 in the morning and found five raccoons in the chicken coop, all feasting on chicken! There was but one chicken left alive (pictured above) trapped and watching in horror. The person watching the chickens for her didn't know what to do. Could I possible go and rescue the last chicken (named Big Red) and add her to my flock?

Cellar Door to the rescue!

I went over to their house and spent 45 minutes chasing a silly chicken through the forest. She was terrified. When I finally caught her and brought her home, she was shaking in fear. I thought she would have a heart attack. She didn't have a heart attack, but she just sits there, all day, every day in the same spot. She hasn't made any new chicken friends or even gone outside. Can chickens have post traumatic stress?

Then, two nights ago, our white turkey was eaten by something. I'm a little relieved. That thing had me chasing it all over the place. I suggested once that we kill it and eat it ouselves, and Little Z was very much against it. So now I don't have to be the mean predator.

I can't find a picture of the white turkey, so here is Sigmund Freud with a bunny:

Little Z really really really really really really wants a pet bunny.


  1. But don't get her one under Dr. F's tender ministrations, okay? You don't want no bonkers bunrabs, trust me! Remember MP and the Holy Grail

  2. I've heard laughter is the best medicine.