"Versailles: The View from Sweden"

Reminds me of Sarah Palin seeing Russia from her house in Alaska.

And in other news, when is it going to rain here?

And in other news, went to the doctor for my swollen achy feet today. All of my friends (all three of them) say I have gout. Hm. The doctor has my blood now and is working on it. Minions, stay tuned to see if Cellar Door brings sexy back to old school ailments... or if I've got something more pedestrian. Like - I have no idea. I'm just taking the morphine she gave me and taking it easy... Okay, not really morphine. But that reminds me of another book, Drood:

by Dan Simmons. Excellent entertainment. About a guy who has gout and takes too much morphine for it and has a real love/ hate relationship with Charles Dickens. Also, something terrifying happens.


  1. The answer to your medical condition is at the 1 minute mark:


  2. I get mild symptoms of gout when I eat too much cranberry sauce. "High living."

  3. Too much high living with cranberries, I guess! I've been eating a lot of black raspberries, because they are growing everywhere this year. I wonder if black raspberries have the same effect?