Other People's Stories: Mall Food

On a recent visit to Mumsy, who is 93 years old, she told us a little detail of life in the past. Elner and Marie were close relatives who lived nearby, and once a week or so, they would take a trip to the mall. This was a grand affair, of course. Marie and Elner made sandwiches and filled a cooler. Mumsy, who is a tiny little lady, would drive them across town. At the mall, after a few hours of wandering and wondering at all of the marvels displayed therein, they might stop for lunch at a bench or a table. While they took out their plastic wrapped sandwiches and thermoses, Mumsy (being a little more hip to the ways of the world) generally bought herself a hamburger or a hot dog. And then I picture them quite happily piling back into the large American car. Perhaps Elner carried the cooler. And they had conversation fodder to last them until the next time.


BAH said I would change this story, putting it through my own filter. Clearly, I have. But isn't it nice to think of the mall as being a place worthy of bringing a cooler?


  1. that sounds like a story my Aunt Ethel might have told - I discovered her in the 1990s in Wisconsin. I lived there for 2 years and just happened to move to the town where my grandmother's mother was from. And here is this great grand aunt of mine - with wonderful stories like this.