The Valley of Darkness

Giving your blood up for analyses is like being naked, only more so. The doctor asked me,

"Do you spend a lot of time sitting?"

"No," I said. You try not to be offended by their questions. At least she didn't ask me if I'd eaten human flesh.

Some part of me thinks she will now discover that I am different. What kind of weird disease will I turn out to have? It's all there, in the blood.


  1. Does your big toe hurt? That's gout.

    My doc takes my blood twice a year. I'm not so worried about it now.

  2. Little toes hurt. Not big toe.

    Twice a year? Wow. I think they took mine once when I was pregnant. That's it.

  3. I don't spend a lot of time sitting, but my ass does.

  4. Sitting runs in my jeans, apparently!