Saviour to All Chickens am I

Yesterday, in a quest to beat the 100+ degree heat, Little Z and I journeyed to Das Capital and went to a frozen yogurt stand. There, I met an acquaintance who is not herself acquainted with Betsy of the Saddest Chicken In the World.

"I hear you saved that chicken from that place..." She began.

Thus confirming that I am known far and wide, to one and all as, "Cellar Door, Saviour to All Chickens."

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This friend of mine who is not herself acquainted with Betsy of the Saddest Chicken in the World speculated that the raccoons probably attacked because Betsy took her dogs with her to Montana.

I hadn't thought of that. It's probably true. It doesn't explain why they killed my turkey, though.

Close to the frozen yogurt place is a second run movie theatre. Little Z and I checked out the posters and decided to go see, "Chimpanzee," even though we had missed the first twenty minutes.

"But we've missed the first twenty minutes," I said.

"It doesn't care," said Little Z. [who is four] "Let's go!"

We went into the theatre. It was absolutely packed. I do believe there were whole day care centers resting there, watching chimps in cool mechanized air conditioning for $2.50 a head. We took a seat in front.

It is a documentary. The story centers around a chimpanzee who is orphaned during a storm. He looks everywhere for his mother. For days. Finally, he tries to get himself accepted into a new family. No luck there. Everyone rejects him. Even the other little child chimps reject him. The narrator says,

"Even friends are hard to come by."

At this point, Little Z leaned over to me and said,

"This would not happen in our world, in Wisconsin. In our world, there is always a friend."

"Yes," I agreed.

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