Are you smarter than a sheep? Take the quiz!

This link goes to a silly, narcissistic survey I made about this blog:

Mindless Minion Survey

Take the survey, but you might not want to go on and receive their ads or whatever - so I wrote the answers here, for you to check:

Here are the answers:

1. The blog used to have a black and white picture at the top of
Cellar Door as a very young child and her grandma, with a Pennsylvania backdrop.

2. Cellar Door uses the alias Cellar Door because
her grandmother thinks "cellar door" is the most beautiful phrase in the English language.

3. In the entry, "Piano Camp," Cellar Door was embarrassed not to know the location of
Middle C.

4. "BAH" stands for... Bad Assed Husband.

5. On the farm, Cellar Door and family have
sheep, turkeys, and chickens.

6. Which of the animals briefly had his own blog?

Bodkay the Cat.

7. Little Z is known for her art, sweetness, and off-beat view of the world.

8. Cellar Door named a cat after Teresa of the Frog Blog and Frog Applause comic strip.

9. Cellar Door tried to do her part to save the world by drinking only local beer.


  1. I did pretty well but I didn't know about the local beer thing. :o)

  2. I may have written about the local beer during the time when the blog was private-- which makes it completely unfair, doesn't it? Sorry.

    Drinking locally in Wisconsin is a wonderful experience. It hasn't exactly been a sacrifice, but I'm sure that many fossil fuels were saved. Beer is heavy!