The Fine Print

Look at how this artist photographs her dolls, art and jewelry on Etsy:

This initially looks pretty easy. I'll just put my ultra hip picture of a little girl Frida in front of some books.

Except that, it's not easy at all! I tried it and all of my books were somehow unsuitable. The small ones want to close on me, the big ones have distracting pictures, and the middle sized ones have these uniform pages that look somehow cheep, as though I just threw my product over some trash laying around and took a picture of it.

It's Danita's Art from the Heart:

A doll. In front of some lovely old books. They look classy, don't they? Like valuable old books. It's subliminal. This pose says, "I don't always play with and collect dolls, but when I do, I read books."

This next one just says, I must have my own of this!

I admire the marketing talent at work here. I feel like I Finally Found a Friend.

(In case you didn't click on the link, this last one is actually titled, I Finally Found a Friend.)

I am so in awe.

It helps that the things themselves are both clever and beautiful.

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