The Woodmans

I watched this documentary a couple of nights ago:

The Woodmans are all artists. The one child, Francesca, is a photographer. Most of her photographs are of herself naked. At first, it just seems like this provocative thing, but then when you really look at the photographs, she was fantastic. Truly talented.

These pictures are not safe for work.

These pictures are all thirty or so years old. These pictures were before their time.

She came to a tragic end. You knew it all along. Still, somehow, this moving picture is strangely uplifting.


  1. Interesting. Thanks. I'll return the favor and recommend that you don't miss The Sessions. Helen Hunt is terrific as well as pretty darn brave in her role. Also,Searching for Sugar Man is not to be missed!! A 5-hankie feel-good real-life documentary. Both flicks are really powerful. Maybe you've already seen one or both?

  2. No, I'll have to check those out!