Angels, First Class

I succumbed to a telemarketer a week or so ago. The reason is, it was from the 707 area code (Sonoma/ Napa Counties, CA) so I assumed it was family or friends from the ole homeland. But no. It was this nice guy selling wine.

Today, all of this arrived:

Notice how they are organized by colour of cap. Little Z did that. She reminds me of her grandfather who has to balance the eggs in the carton.

The silliest part about this is that, because we joined their club or whatever, the cartons all arrived with stickers that said, "VIP Angel" on them. And we didn't even have to save George Bailey for that title.

We haven't really been drinking much, lately. So this should last the weekend.


  1. Next, get Little Z to arrange them by bottle shape. Then, by wine color...and then by all three! Venn Diagrams, anyone? :o)

  2. And hurry! before they're all gone.