Apologizing for the Inconvenience

I don't have the next instalment of the exciting bus ride story today. I have, instead, a high energy six year old to take care of for a couple of weeks, and a holiday or two. I could write something, but it wouldn't be good enough. Not right now. But soon. Soon. I promise. Soon there will be more of, "It's like the Love Boat, only sleazier," thanks Professor Batty!

I've been spending my creative energy making Christmas presents. I'll show you the last one, finished yesterday, because I don't think the recipient reads my blog. I made a portrait of my dad, for my stepmother:

Jean used to always say to me:

"You're treading on thin ice."

"You're cruisin' for a bruisin'" and, my favourite,

"Don't give me that look."

I was thinking about her because I had just finished the painting. I was skyping with my mother in law, Kathleen. Kathleen thought, somehow, that Gina, my friend, always said these things above to me. And then I thought that she thought that I was going to send my friend Gina the portrait of my dad.

So, then we hatched this plan, where nobody would get a portrait of anyone they had ever actually met in person. That I should send a portrait of my dad to Gina, and then a portrait of Gina's dad to Jean, and then a portrait of Kathleen to Grandma Ruth, and then I could do a portrait of Grandma Ruth and send it to Professor Batty.

Or something.

I won't really do this, because this whole mad cap scheme would cost so much time and money.

It would be pretty fun.


  1. Isn't Gina your friend whose Dad lived in the desert? We visited her at his house once. Or is that someone else?

  2. I like the idea of an "unknown subject" art swap. Don't lose that thought, I'd be up for it, someday.

  3. I've met your dad, he's right!
    Besides, I can't imagine saying any of those things to you...

  4. Yes, Dad, her dad is that guy who lived way out in the desert! And Gina is my friend. And Gina, I was laughing so hard I almost cried when she thought you would say that stuff to me!

    Inspired by this comment thread, I created an etsy item where I paint a portrait of someone I know for you! (It only costs twenty cents to list something on etsy, so why not? It would be such fun!)


    Please forgive me for my shameless commerce department. ;)