What is Art?

There's this great movie out there, called, Beauty Is Embarrassing. One moment in this movie, they talk about what art is, and this guy says,

"When I was a kid, art was from K-Mart."

It's a great movie.

When I was a kid, art was what Uncle Dennis did.

Then, later in my childhood, art was what Grandma Ruth gave you.

And then, now, in the past week, I have sold six pieces of art. So, I guess, now, I am... an artist?

Three out of the six were these calendars, which I have to admit are pretty cool! But where did they come from? Where does art come from? Is it even "art"? What makes something art? When I make art, it doesn't feel like making art. It feels like playing. These thoughts keep knocking around in my head. Perhaps some questions are best left unanswered. People are paying me money to play. I should not ask questions!

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  1. Look at Bjork. She's clearly playing and she's clearly an artist. One of my favorite classic artists drew a picture of a skeleton relaxing on a sofa and titled it My Portrait in 1960 (100 years in his future). Playing is definitely art and your art is great.