In Two Weeks, I'll Have My Photo Professionally Taken In a Bathing Suit

So, it's not my soapbox to talk about how women should be having their pictures taken in bathing suits, regardless of weight or whatever, but... here's what happened:

Little Z (it's always all about Little Z, isn't it?) has swim lessons, and this pool where they have the swim lessons sent out this email that they were offering underwater portraits. So I asked Little Z if she wanted to do that, and she said,

"Definitely, yes!" and then I read about how if they are under eight, they need a parent with them. So, I called and scheduled our photo shoot.

So, today, while I was walking for exercise in knee deep snow, I suddenly realized, that I, yes me, I was to be having my picture taken in a bathing suit. A bathing suit! And this in the month of January, which is not, at least in my world, what I would call, "A Skinny Month." I could feel my jeans tightening across my stomach as I walked. During the course of my walk, I decided that I wouldn't eat anything for the next two weeks! And then I would not be overweight in my photo shoot in a bathing suit! And then I decided to wear an evening gown in the pool. And then I decided that, no, I could just wear the bathing suit with the skirt! The bathing suit with the skirt! That totally makes me look skinny! And then I decided that I would lose a modest seven pounds before the photo shoot, because that's doable, right? And then I remember Weight Watchers and I decided that that was so freakin not doable. And then I decided that I look great, no matter what, and I should gain weight before the photo shoot, and be all about women's lib and stuff.

And then, you know, I got home from my walk. And made pizza. But I'm still totally on a diet for the next two weeks.

Regardless of my weight, or age, or whatever, everyone should have their picture taken. All the time. Regardless. Semi naked or clothed. You are as you are. As Santa Claus once told me, "It's a moment in time."

I'll let you know, in two weeks, how it all went.

Photo by Emily Goad.


  1. Around here we call January "glow in the dark pale" month. However, we don't have any skinny months.
    Are you going to have snorkels or is this a hold your breath and try to smile shoot?

  2. That photo is like so perfect for the post!

  3. I always think of June and July as skinny months, with all of the good vegetables growing. I tend to be thinnest then. I love the veggies straight from the garden. It's a hold your breath and try to smile shoot, which is also a worry, because I have scarred lungs. Little Z can hold her breath forever, though.

    And Dad, yeah, isn't it? My friend Emily took it.

  4. P.S. Initially, BAH was like, "So... underwater? Are they just going to take a picture of your legs?