Chemical Burn

Little Z informed her parents today that some of the kids at school aren't that smart. In fact, even her teacher said something that was wrong yesterday.

"What did the teacher say that was wrong?"

"She said that a flame would never burn green. But a chemical flame will burn green. She was wrong."

"Oh, but that doesn't mean she's stupid. Teachers have to know so much. She's still smart."

"Yeah, but a chemical flame will burn green."

Typical six year old with their typical observations of typical chemical flames.


In other Little Z news, we saw Santa a few days ago. Little Z wants two little bunnies for Christmas: one male and one female. She would like to be a rabbit breeder. She has already saved up her money and purchased a large cage and some typical bunny acoutrements. Her plan is to leave the cage fully stocked with food and open Christmas Eve night, and Santa can leave the bunny in there when he comes down the chimney.

She wrote this little letter to Santa Claus, telling him that she wants two bunnies, and nothing else, and then she drew a line for Santa to sign his name that yes, he has bunnies at the North Pole. Also, when we went, she brought the letter on a clipboard, and carried a pencil for Santa to sign his name to the fact that yes, he did have bunnies available. Then she dressed like an elf for the encounter.

We went to our local library. I told her, "People are going to think that you work there, with that clipboard and that elf outfit!"

So, we lined up at the library. She made me hold the clipboard while we waiting. Pretty soon, people were approaching me,

"Where do we get our number?" some guy asks me.

So I tell him. You know. How it works. He leaves.

When our turn comes to see Santa, he says to her,

"Are you an elf?"

She giggles.

When it comes time to sign on the clipboard that he has bunnies, he doesn't sign. Because. You know. He's Santa. Santa is vague. Santa is cagey. Santa does not sign on the dotted line! He knows better! He asks her if he should leave the bunnies in her bed. She says,

"No! Silly! The bunny would poop on my bed! And chew the wires in my room!"

But, honestly, and I'm not biased at all here, Santa is totally smitten with Little Z. Little Z is totally getting bunnies for Christmas, even if he wouldn't sign.