I heard that they remade the Sound of Music. And I said,

"Why?" and BAH said,

"Because they have no new ideas."

Okay. But no one is going to watch the new Sound of Music and say,

"Oh, that first one sucked! This one is so much better! I'm so very glad they redid this."

No, no no. Nothing is going to make this okay. Nothing. They, those people, whoever they are, are going about it all wrong.

They need to remake bad movies! That way, we'll watch them and say,

"Oh, this one is so much better that the original. I'm so glad they remade this!"

I wish I could give an example, but the problem is, bad movies are forgettable. And they never do it!

Siskel and Ebert used to always have these magnificent suggestions for making films better.


  1. It was a live television performance starring Carrie Underwood. So it's a different thing from the movie, it's the original Rodgers & Hammerstein stage play.

    Odd to think of a stage performance as a remake of a movie, but most people think of the movie as the original art. It isn't.

  2. The remake of Little Shop of Horrors was infinitely better than the original.

  3. They also just had a miniseries about Bonnie and Clyde. No new ideas again...
    I have not watched it.

  4. Oh they do the bad ones as well. Nearly every horror film today, be it psychological or straight up torture porn, began its life as a 50-60s era B movie.

  5. Okay, dad. I get it! So maybe it's something different. I haven't seen the stage play of the Sound of Music.

    Was the Little Shop of Horrors in the '80's actually a remake? Well, good. Suddenly Seamor! Is standing beside me~! LOVE IT!

    Bonnie and Clyde was a great movie.

    Horror movies have their own thing. They're all sort of bad, to begin with, but sometimes in a good way...

  6. SNL "remade the remake" last week, I thought it was something different: