Breaking News!

It just warmed up.

We inexplicably don't have school here today, and my daughter has her friend over to play. As soon as she got here, my daughter and her friend went running in the fields. I made them wear long pants and sweaters, because it's only thirty-five degrees (f) out. It still feels so warm, though, by comparison, that they both came back with their sweaters tied around their wastes. It's hot out there, I guess! The creek is melted, and they were disappointed that I didn't let them go wading in it- because, you know, it's thirty-five (I think that's one or two celsius). So warm!

And I just realized-- what day is it? I just noticed that I left this reindeer out on the lawn. You know, from Christmas.

I'd better take him inside! The poor thing is going to burn up in this thirty-five degree weather. 

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