Everyone I know is reading this book...

I accidentally published the book already! (I know what you're thinking, With your level of professionalism, Shoshanah, how could this happen?) The Kindle version of Avoiding Sex with Frenchmen is still set to be released on Amazon on March 27th, but at Createspace, they already have the paper copy for sale! And that's wonderful. "Why not?" I say. Why not.

I've already sold a few copies. (Maybe people noticed the sidebar there?) I got a copy myself, and I'm sure pleased with how it turned out.

It's actually quite pretty inside. If I were to try to be completely objective, (which is impossible) I would say that the story would have been mediocre, on its own, but once you add all of the illustrations, it becomes something much more special. And kind of messed up, actually. But in a good way? If that's possible. I've never seen anything quite like this book. I'm so glad that we have Createspace and Amazon, because this book really doesn't fit into any of the usual genres. I mean, I wouldn't send this to an old fashioned publisher. I would just assume they wouldn't take such risks. But now, hey! Here it is! And it's beautiful. Purchase your copy here. (Or preorder your Kindle version, coming out next week, which is quite a bit cheaper. [You all know you don't actually have to have a Kindle, right? You can read it on whatever you're reading this on. It's called the Kindle App, and it's free to download.])